With the competitive housing market in Utah, it can be difficult to always find exactly what you want. What’s available may not fit within your budget or certain options just aren’t available. It’s your home and you have to live in it, you might as well get exactly what you want. So why not build!?

A custom built home allows borrower to select the perfect lot and home to fit their needs.

Want a large backyard? Need somewhere to store an RV or snowmobiles? Is there a specific layout your looking for? Chances are you aren’t going to find exactly what you want in such a competitive market, but a construction loan from University Credit Union allows borrowers to get everything they need. On top of that you’ll get to choose all the colors, carpets and finishes. You’ll put your stamp on everything.

If you’re interested in a construction loan, our mortgage consultants are available any time to guide you through the construction loan process. They’ll let you know what loan amount you’d be approved for and put you in contact with builders that can get you started. Call any time at 801-481-8840.

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