Tax season is just around the corner and it’s time to figure out how to use that tax return to get ready for the trip you so richly deserve. Travel plans can be stressful and expensive, but with a Visa Rewards Card from University Federal Credit Union you can plan your entire vacation right now! These 5 rarely used credit card hacks include benefits that make traveling simple and affordable.

Crimson Rewards Visa Hack #1

University Federal Credit Union’s Crimson Rewards Card offers up to 5x rewards on every purchase. This means that you can start your travel adventure faster by using your Visa Card for the things you buy every single day! Simply redeem your rewards points for the destination of your choice with purchases you already make. Whether it is 2x rewards for groceries or 4x rewards for filling your car with gas, why not be rewarded for spending money on the items you need. Otherwise, it’s just a lost opportunity to get your vacation paid for.

Crimson Rewards Visa Hack #2

Now that you have your destination in mind, continue building rewards while you travel. With your Crimson Rewards Visa Card you get 3x the rewards for most purchases on airways, hotels, and rental cars. You can be saving up rewards points for your next trip on your current vacation. What’s not to love!

Crimson Rewards Visa Hack #3

Speaking of rental cars, every visa card through University Federal Credit Union offers Auto Rental Collision Damage coverage. This gives you the peace of mind that when you rent that beautiful minivan, you are covered for damage due to collision or theft on most rental vehicles. In addition to that, Travel Accident insurance coverage is also provided in the event of accidental death or injury with up to $250,000 of coverage when you pay your fare using Visa.

See our website for more info on these great benefits.

Crimson Rewards Visa Hack #4

When you travel you always want to protect your assets, and that includes your credit card. University Federal Credit Union offers a convenient service to protect you against fraudulent activity known as CardGuard. The text alert service notifies you when your account is used for:

  • Out-of-State purchases
  • Fuel transactions
  • Over eight transactions in a 24 hour period
  • Card Not Present
  • International Transactions

If you receive a message and you know the purchase is legitimate, there is no need to respond. However, if the purchase is fraud, simply reply the code texted to you and the card will be blocked from any further activity. Keeping your account safe while you travel.

Crimson Rewards Visa Hack #5

Taking a road trip? Why not earn 4x rewards for filling up your gas tank! Daily drivers can appreciate the way they will earn quick rewards points from simply filling up their cars on the way to work. It’s one of fastest ways to earn rewards points without ever having to think about it.

If you don’t already have a Crimson Rewards Visa from University Federal Credit Union it’s time that you got one. Every purchase that you make can get you one step closer to the dream vacation you have always wanted to take, but never thought possible. Earn rewards for the things you buy at a faster rate with our up to 5x rewards program. Apply today and learn more about the great benefits we offer.

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