Help Your Kids Build Their Savings.

Teaching your kids to be responsible with their money is a life skill that will serve them well into their adult years. Managing money effectively to achieve financial goals can be difficult for the most disciplined among us. At University Credit Union we want to help your little ones learn the value of saving with one simple plan.

Set a Goal –

It can be easy to spend money on things that provide immediate gratification. When you were a kid and got money for your birthday, sometimes it felt like it was burning a hole in your pocket. Teaching your kids to wait and think about the long-term benefits of setting goals will help them appreciate the importance of telling their money where to go, instead of asking where it went.

 Save Your Money in a Safe Place –

Is your child saving money toward something bigger like college, a car, or that new video game system? It’s important to teach them to keep their money in a safe place until they are ready to spend. University Credit Union has a variety of ways for your child to save money and earn dividends through our savings and certificate accounts. Having a savings account will introduce your child to the world of finance and make it an exciting way to learn.

 It’s Good to Wait –

Learning patience with money is a skill that can transition to so many aspects of our lives. It’s fun for kids to watch their savings grow every time they make a deposit into their account. Remind your kids to keep track of their funds in a notebook or work with them as you process your own finances. By emphasizing the benefits of saving in a fun and engaging way, the more likely they are to save for the future. Visit one of our 16 branch locations to set up a certificate or savings account today with University Credit Union. We offer a variety of options and resources that can help your child learn more about the world of finance. Our helpful employees are invested in our members and want to provide the very best experience for your kids.

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