Improving and building your business is how you spend your day, worrying about payroll can take away precious time. Payroll isn’t simply writing checks for employees, it also includes compliance, benefits and dealing with the IRS. It’s safe to say it will take up a major part of your workday.

Don’t worry! University Credit Union is here to help in every aspect of its member’s lives. That’s why we’ve partnered with Paychex. Paychex is a leading provider of payroll services for over 600,000 small businesses!

Some of the offerings from Paychex include:

Flexible Payroll Reporting

This service makes reporting fore employees hours easier, including being able to report from your phone, online or from a mobile app.

 Multiple Employee Pay Options

Paychex allows your employees to choose which option works best for them. This includes direct deposit, pre-signed checks or prepaid pay cards.

Payroll Tax Administration

Paychex gives you peace of mind by helping you avoid IRS penalties for things like inaccurate payroll tax payments. It will also make sure your federal, state and local payroll taxes are done correctly.

Personal, Dedicated Service

If you ever have questions or need support with anything, Paychex provides 24/7 support. You’ll be given a dedicated payroll specialist who will know your history and can work with you every time you have an issue. You’ll have access to them by phone, email or chat, whichever is more convenient.

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