Whether it’s near the end of the year when dealerships are looking to get rid of old models or Memorial Day sales, there are advantages to buying a car at certain times. Let’s take a look at when might be a good time to buy a car.

Memorial Day Weekend

If you’re looking for a sale, Memorial Day weekend is typically when dealerships have their first big sales of the year. What Black Friday is for Christmas shopping, Memorial Day is for cars. If you’re looking to find a new car for that summer road trip, Memorial Day is your best chance at finding a deal.


Another great month to look at buying a car is in October. This is the first time of year when dealerships become aggressive about getting rid of models from the previous year. According to TrueCarbuyers save about 8% off MSRP in the month of October.


Before you need a new car

If you wait till the time your current car is dead, you might not have the flexibility to buy a car when certain sales during the year are available. If you can plan out your finances, and get approved for a car loan beforehand, you give yourself the flexibility to buy a car when it’s cheaper and most convenient.

On Monday

Dealerships will be busy at the end of the week but on Monday they have time to show more models and negotiate prices.

Some people think that looking for a car at the end of the week when dealerships are busier means a chance at a quick deal. According to TrueCar consumers who buy on Mondays save an average of 8% off MSRP.

New Year’s day

Dealership calendars aren’t always the same as calendar months. Typically the industry calendar for 2017 starts on January 2nd so this means that if you come in New Year’s Day it’s more likely to find an end of year clearance sales for a dealership trying to get rid of old models.

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